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Monday, June 29, 2015

Building a Success Team

It isn't all about the talent you possess, but also the people who you place in your own life.

We choose a lot of things, but some of the more important things we choose to place in our lives are people.  We surround ourselves with all sorts of people that we have met in life, and depending on how you connected with them, you place a few close to you, and some a little further away.  The closer you place people, the more of an impact they have in your life.  We choose to place certain people close or far depending on a few things... sometimes it's their character, or perhaps their attractiveness, or maybe because of their position... the thing is, we make decisions to give people power to affect you.

Some people support you, while others bring you down, and some, you can bring up, while still others, you may bring down.  Whether or not you realize it, every time you meet someone new, you build a relationship with them... it might not be much of a relationship, but it is built all the same.  Every contact you make, a relationship is built, and with each relationship you built, you can invest or divest... and so can they, and depending on the nature of the relationship, you may grow... or perhaps you will shrink.

As you place people closer to your life, you give them the authority to affect you and your actions... and IF you surround yourself with those that raise you up and bring forth the best in you, the chances of success greatly increases.  Therefore, it is important we surround ourselves with people that give you the opportunity to grow, to rise even higher, and entrust them with the capability of positively impacting our lives.  That trust can be a hard obstacle, but once you have people you can trust, you can take that step forward and raise your standards of who you are and what you can accomplish.

As we surround ourselves with those that make an impact to our lives, we become like those we surround ourselves with, and surrounding ourselves with successful people, we become even more successful.  Surrounding ourselves with positive people, WE become even more positive.  Surround ourselves with good people, WE become GREAT.
However, that does not mean you push away those that may not do that, because they too have the potential to grow, the potential to be part of your success team, because you can be the difference in their lives.  Surrounding yourself with a team that brings you up, you can be in turn be a part of a different team that builds another individual up.  As your team continues to nurture you, you can help another team nurture another individual.

Yet, some choose to push those people away... why?

Sometimes, it's not a matter of trust, but a matter of self-worth.  Some people tend to drive those that can help away because they feel that they don't deserve the help... and to those that feel that way, STOP.  You are definitely worth it.  Every life is important.  There are no exceptions to that rule.  So gather that strength and take that first step, to take hold of the hand that's reaching down to pick you up.  Rise, grow, and become stronger, because in due time, it'll be your hand that'll be reaching down to help another.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -
Helen Keller