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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pectin vs Menthol

After talking with one of my friends, I discovered that my favorite cough medicine, HALLS (the blue one) has menthol in it that isn't good for your throat.  As an individual that loves to sing, the menthol is detrimental to the voice and can take part in causing voice damage.  It's not that it itself causes the damage, but instead, it allows the damage to be done.  The menthol in the cough drop not only soothes the throat, but it also numbs the throat, so that when I do use it, I don't feel the pain I should be feeling when using it.

The thing is, when I use the menthol, it goes beyond just soothing my throat and covers the pain that tells me that I need to stop.  Because of this effect, it actually allows me to hurt my voice even more.  Pectin just soothes without the numbing, and because of that, I've chosen to use that.  I also did a little bit of studying and found out that hacking and coughing also hurts your vocal chords because it strains it.  In order to combat that, I've decided to drink a lot of water, use the pectin, eat honey, and hot tea.  I've also done my best to restrain the cough that builds up within me, and with that, continually keep my voice warmed up so that it wouldn't become easily hurt.

Just in the same ways, whenever we encounter a problem, we ought not to look at anything that works, but instead, work hard to find the BEST possible way to help solve that problem.  Something that helps the effects of the problem doesn't solve the problem.  Instead, what we ought to do is to work towards a workable solution.

Yesterday, instead of going out and running, I enjoyed 2 hours of floor hockey, which definitely helped me and my speed, as well as my core muscles.  I'm glad to have an outlet outside of running that goes with my running.  Today, it's a break day, so all I did was just have a nice and normal day.

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