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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Supporter

Supporting people and being supported are two important things.  If you aren't there to support the individual, who's going to bring him or her back to being his or her old self?  Also, there are times when we stop believing in ourselves.  At that moment, it's important to have that someone to support you.  We are all made to give and need support from others.  Other times, we are just lost and don't know which direction to go, and how to get there.  At that point, it's also important to have someone there to show you the way.

Today, as I visited my old college to talk in front of a class about how I got my job and how college education helped me prepare for it, as well as what to expect out of the job, I met up with one of my friends Roberto, who asked how he could improve his endurance on the soccer field.  I immediately talked about how a fartlek or interval training would help after he ran about 3-4 miles.  What I suggested he should do is to pick sprint the long side of the soccer field and use the shorter side to recover, and circle the soccer field over and over again to improve.  Now, the way I wanted him to run that was to start slow and pick up the speed until you're going all out from 25% of the field to 75% of the field, when you coast to the end of the field and then start the recovery jog to the next sprint.  Having this change of pace will help him when he continues to do that til he gets too tired to go any further.  It's up to him to figure out where his limit is and continue to do that to improve his limit.

Supporting other people is really something that I enjoy because I love seeing the fire return to their eyes and their passion towards their goals grow.  I do hope that because of the support something happens, but part of supporting someone is believing in them.  Whether they do or not, it doesn't matter, because the supporter is there giving it their best to trust that the individual will make it to their goal.  A supporter is someone that give it their best to encourage them to continue on their path towards whatever goal they have set before themselves.

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