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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Studying to Run

Mankind's mission in life is to learn and grow.  We have within ourselves the need to challenge ourselves so that we can improve.  Those that have lost the will to improve do not see this and instead, they just fall apart.  The moment when we think we're done is the moment where we lose that momentum and start falling backwards.  It's important to continue that growth, to push our minds so that we would truly understand what's going on within us and grow in knowledge and understanding.  Once you learn something, you can take that and keep it close to your heart, changing who you are and use that knowledge to become a better you.

Getting stuck isn't what we appreciate.  We like to move, we enjoy accomplishments, and studying allows that to happen.  I study a lot about running and read running websites often, thinking about how I could become a better runner, but most importantly, I learn from working on myself and my running, studying how I run and where I am and where I want to go.  I research a lot and put that in my head, but using that research, I study how my body reacts to the different kinds of training and I do my best to improve myself as a runner and take steps towards finding a great way to train myself.  I always learn something new every day, and because of that, I'm able to add more to my training regiment, figuring out what best suits me.

Yesterday, I ran before going through the rest of the busy day.  I went around Nashville to the Music City Greenway and ran around the area, even stopped by the police when I accidentally got myself into some private property.  It was pretty fun though, running through a new place, getting to explore.  I ran 8.41 miles in 1:07:02, an average of 7:58 min/mile, which was a pretty decent pace, especially since I was stopped by the police.  Being the last day at Nashville, it was nice to end it with a nice run like that.  Can't wait to run there again... some day.

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