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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How You Start

How you start the day impacts the rest of the day, and in turn, how you do that day may as well impact your week, which in turn impacts the month, which impacts the whole year, which in turn, can impact the rest of your life.  One day may seem a miniscule moment comparing it to a year, but each day makes a continuous impact to how one’s life goes.  Time holds an immense amount of value.

In a sprint, how you start basically lets everyone know how it's going to finish.  Should the person leave the blocks too late, more than likely, that person will not do as well.  Especially in the 100m dash, where a 100th of a second makes a difference.  It's not just how you finish, but also how you start.

Today, I woke up early in the morning to go run to get my car that was 'stuck' at a parking lot.  I jogged 1.66 miles in 13:34, an average of 8:08 min/mile.  I got in the car, and chugged along til I finally reached the apartment complex, where I had to get out and push the car into a good parking space.  Altogether, it took 30 minutes for me to do that.  After all that, I went out for a run, running 7.37 miles in 52:40, an average of 7:08 min/mile.  I was excited to be able to run that fast for that period of time.  It kept me going the whole day.  Doing exercise like that in the morning to start your day really lightens your day.  It also jump-starts your metabolism, helping your body use that energy, so that throughout the whole day, you'd be using energy.

Imagine taking a test.  If you look at the first question and don't understand what it's asking, most likely, you'll end up not doing well on the whole test.  However, should you understand the question and are able to answer it, you are more likely going to do well on that test.

Start the day doing something productive and it'll carry on throughout the whole day.

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