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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finally... Break

I've been cycling so much I've been pretty exhausted.  Being without a car can prove to be on the tough side.  Fortunately, as of yesterday, I bought myself a car (using all that hard earned money...) and now driving it around.  But first, lets recap the mundane bicycling I did for the last couple of days.  On the 11th, I cycled 16.23 miles in 1:00:29 on the way to work and 16.66 miles in 1:11:06 on the way back from work.  The elevation change really affects my speed a lot... going back home was going up more hills so it was harder, but it's all worth it in the end.  On Wednesday, I road 15.88 miles in 59:36 to work and got a ride from my sister to buy my car.  Now all I have to do is go to the town clerk and pay taxes and register it.

Finally getting a car to go to work... it's been worth it.  I've enjoyed my bicycling, but when you're forced to ride to work, it's not as rewarding as choosing to ride to work.  My body was getting a little tired from the whole effort, but my mind was even more tired from constantly having to think about riding to work.  I was also worrying for the last 3 weeks about what kind of car I was suppose to buy.  Since the car was bought and I was given a break, I gladly took that break, both physically and mentally... well, except for playing floor hockey the day I bought the car.  I biked in that morning clocking in under an hour, and after that full day, I went over to Johnson University and played floor hockey with the college kids, playing a lot.  I've always enjoyed pushing myself to run fast and work hard, and in the following games, I played hard and did fairly well.

Today, on the other hand, was a lot more smooth.  I was able to just chill and drive to work, and drive back (well of course, there was teaching piano, young adults group, and Walmart shopping... but I was able to go to those places because I had a car).  Cars are so useful.  They provide us with a lot of things... but at the same time, they allow us to become lazy, should we choose to do so.  A store may be only half a mile away, but we would still choose to ride a car there because it's faster and easier.  The important thing that we all ought to remember is to know what kind of lifestyle we want to lead, because what we go towards will affect our lives overall.

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