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Friday, September 28, 2012


Sometimes we get stuck in a place where we are just cool with how things are going.  This may be good while you are taking a break, but should it go on for too long, what happens is that you get used to the amount of rest you're having that your body starts losing the muscles you've built up and the effort you put into yourself.  There's a point where you need to get back up onto your feet and go do something in order to become stronger.

When we place ourselves in a situation where we're comfortable and don't need things because we're supported, we get used to it.  We get comfortable... we get complacent... and we get lazy.  We don't realize that we've walked into the trap until it's too late.  Looking at the past few days, I've seen that the distances I've been running lately hasn't been too much because I've been complacent about how much I've been doing.  Because of the amount of things I've had to do, I've dropped my distance and amount of running by a lot, making myself turn into a 'lazy' individual.  For example, this morning, I woke up and didn't feel like going out for a run because it would've been too much for me and I just didn't feel like it.  I got too wrapped up living comfortably that I didn't want to go out and push myself.

We get stronger through putting ourselves in harsh situations.  The moment we go back into a comfortable lifestyle is when we start tempting ourselves to become lazy.  It's good to take that break ever so often, but it's not good to get used to the break and instead of returning to your normal life, to live life as if it was a break.  Sometimes, we get caught up in this trap, but what's important is what happens once you realize that.  The moment you realize that you've got yourself into a trap, you need to get to the next step... GET OUT.  If you're caught in the trap, every day that you don't try to climb out is another day where you go the wrong direction.  There's a time to rest, and there's a time to move onward.  The moment when you rest too long is the moment when you start going the wrong direction.  Every second wasted after that point takes even more time to get back... and once you get too comfortable with where you are, you're in trouble and need a lot more to get yourself back up.

Today, I realized that with all the work I've been doing, I've been slacking with the running, but needing to get out of that as soon as possible, I decided that this morning, I would wake up and go for a run before I started my day.  Although the run was short (3.15 miles in 24:40, an average of 7:50 min/mile) it was a step towards the right direction.  Tomorrow, I'm planning on going even further and running a lot longer... speaking of which, since I'm in Nashville now due to a conference, I've been able to go out and run different places, looking at a lot more things... and being able to run safely on sidewalks, a big difference between Knoxville and Nashville (Knoxville doesn't have as many sidewalks).

Don't get caught up in complacency.

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