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Monday, September 17, 2012

Earnestly Training

It's not about what you do, but how you do it.  When I do a sport, it's not that my skills are so much better.  In fact, in most cases, I lack in skill, and the only way I can compete with the other players in whatever sport I do is because of the effort I put into it.  Especially in long distance running, it's not that some people are gifted and have the talent for it and do well in that sport.  It's the people with heart and guts that can do well. This is one sport that anyone can do well in, if they try.  Life has so many things within it that is similar to that.  Many people can get an A in school should they work hard enough.  Sure, some people are smarter than others, but if they don't utilize that, they're the same level as someone who doesn't have the brains.  If the ones without the brains try harder, they'll get better.  Effort does change what happens.

Sometimes, we do lots of things that may seem pointless, but when we're working hard towards that goal, since our heart is in it, we can make that difference and improve ourselves.  By earnestly working towards our goal, even though it's 'pointless' according to others, we take steps in improvement.  If a person seriously wants to change, they will change.  Your heart, your guts, and your earnestness will lead you towards a different you.

Yesterday, I ran 3.66 miles in the morning before church, in 28:54, an average of 7:53 min/mile.  After church and eating lunch and laying around, I ran 9.95 miles in 1:15:12, an average of 7:33 min/mile.  I am getting used to running a sub 8 min pace for longer distances, and I'm hoping that this would be enough for me to run an average of 10 min/mile for the 50 mile race in Atlanta.  The main difference is going to be the mountains... but all that will fall into place.  After this week, I'll be heading into a 3 week break (at the end of which would be the 50 miler) and I plan on using this week and next week to tire myself out and train myself hard.  I am hoping that my earnest working would produce the results that I want.

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