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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Internal Struggle

There is always going to be an internal struggle when there's a decision that has to be made.  There are times when the 'right' decision is not so obvious.  Yesterday was one of those days.  In the morning, I woke up and ran 3.9 miles in 28:38, an average of 7:20 min/mile.  It was a decent pace and I only wanted to go run for 30 minutes anyway, so that worked out really nicely.  However, after work, I planned on going and doing an hours worth of running.  Usually, the hours worth of running goes over that hour time, but it was still a time that I really wanted to get used to doing daily because I wanted my body to get used to that sort of strain... which would eventually become a lifestyle, which wouldn't really be a hassle, but something I'm used to doing.

However, things didn't end up that way.  A friend of mine came into town and we watched a movie.  By the time it ended, it was already late and we made plans for dinner.  We ate dinner, and after that, we went back to his girlfriend's house, where we just chilled.  I had to make a decision right then and there.  To stay or to go back.  Outside, it was storming pretty badly... and I didn't want to go running in that... and even though I really wanted to get the exercise, I chose to not run and hung out.

We have internal struggles in different places, but when we make decisions, make sure that you're making the best decision, by doing something you won't regret when you look at it holistically.  Don't make those decisions that you'll regret because you live with the regret, but since that happens every so often, use it by learning from it and insure that you won't make that same decision again.  I look back at yesterday... and I don't regret the decision I made.  Sometimes, it's a gamble because we're caught up in the moment and our emotions block some of the logic.  Make sure to do your best by clearing your mind and look at the situation from an unbiased perspective.

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