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Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Goal, One Direction

I enjoy reading Runner's World articles, and today's article talked about the number of people that used heel striking versus the number of people that didn't.  According to their statistics, over 90% of the runners use heel striking.  However, the number of heel strikers decrease as you go towards the front of the running pack.  This tells me that mid or forefoot strikers were more likely to have the best form.  I prefer to think that mid foot strike is the proper strike, because I believe that it supports your whole body going forward while not jarring anything too much.

When your body works to go one direction and only one direction, your body can go faster.  We can see that when we look at the statistics telling us about those that use heel striking are more likely to be slower.  Pushing forward and not stopping yourself is how you do well... and win races.  When you have a goal that you're trying to reach, go towards it just like when you run a race.  Forward motion shouldn't be hampered with the little bumps and stops we might have in our life.  By putting forth the effort to continue forward, we improve our speed as well as efficiently using our energy towards the right thing.

Take steps to focus on your goal and don't let little things hinder your forward motion.  Just like running, we need to live our lives going forward, one goal, one direction.

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