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Monday, September 24, 2012

One Jump

It took one jump to get from the cliff to the water.  Something so simple, yet something so hard to do.  About 5 years ago, as a counselor at camp, I thought it would be cool to do a double back flip off a two story building into the lake.  Needless to say, it ended badly with me failing to do that double back flip and instead landed on the side of my head, breaking my eardrum.  The story goes on, with me not knowing what happened and thinking that water got lodged in my ear, asked for help and was given alcohol to put in my ear because it supposedly gets the water out of your ear... too bad there wasn't water.  The pain was almost intolerable, and I could barely hold myself from screaming in pain.  Since that day, jumping into water has been a little... harder for me to do.

Today, at around 5 in the afternoon, my sister and a couple friend of ours went to the Bluffs in Tellico Plains to cliff jump.  Having that past made it slightly difficult for me, but knowing that my eardrums had healed and that I was ready to do it, it wasn't too hard for me to take that leap into the water.  I remember a similar feeling to that when I ran the 50 mile race for the first time.  Almost a year ago, I signed up for and ran my first ultra marathon race, barely surviving.  Entering was like jumping, and when I went through the whole ordeal, it wasn't the nice landing that I thought I would be getting.  Instead, I went through a lot of torturous miles, where my whole body was trashed.  I'm planning this one to be a little different, to not go for an impossible pace, but instead run smart and race well.

This race isn't the same as jumping off a cliff into the water.  I trained hard for this race, ran a lot to prepare myself.  The jump into the water... not so much, I just did it.  Nothing fancy, just a jump into the water.  We don't have to do all the fancy stuff, because the normal stuff is just fine.  In the same way, in the race that I'm going to run... in less than three weeks... I'm going to enjoy my run and push forward in a smart way.

In life, there are times where we just need to jump in order to get somewhere, and at other times, you prepare yourself for the path you're about to take.  Each moment counts, and each moment pushes you forward.  Make sure to go through each moment to achieve your goals.

(as for today, the only 'training' I did was swimming for a little bit and rock climbing back up to jump off.  Simple and sweet.)

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