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Monday, October 1, 2012

Myths on Running

I've talked to a couple people about running and how they thought that running was bad for you, and that because of running, many people have had to get knee replacement surgery and have had leg related trouble.    While it is true that running has impacted the number of people going through leg problems, there is more to it.  Here's two myths that I want to talk about.

Myth:  Running causes leg problems.

Fact:  Improper running technique combined with improper training causes leg problems.

It's important to realize that there is more to running than meets the eye.  We need to understand that it's not the running that damages us, but instead the lack of understanding of how to run that truly hurts us.  We need to be careful to look at the whole picture and really understand what we're dealing with.

Myth:  Just because you have two legs that works doesn't mean that you can run.

Fact:  Every able bodied person can run.

Should we have everything that is biomechanically moving, we can truly see that we are indeed able to run.  In fact, we are all made to run.  Running is what our body is designed to do.  Unless we have something wrong with us, we are more than capable of running.  We just don't realize that.

When we just take what we hear and think and just believe in that, we lose the ability to grow and learn... but when we look beyond what we think and go to something that truly explains the whole situation, then we can understand the things we can and can't do.  Look at the big picture.  Small pictures can only show a little of what's really going on.  Myths only exist because of people who look at things from just one perspective.  Next time you come across something that someone says is true and you wonder... check it out and see for yourself whether it is true or not.  Go out and discover for yourself what the answer is.  That way, you can truly know what is true and what is not.

The most important thing is that we need to be careful about what we accept as true and we need to do our best to discern what is true.  Just because someone says it's true doesn't make it true... or false.  Figure out for yourself and place that in your head.  Search for the truth fervently and look at the big picture.

Today, I took another break, just playing soccer for a couple hours, running a mile in flip flops... just enjoying life.  Tomorrow, I'm planning on going for a nice run, so can't wait.

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