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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Because of the technology that is already at our fingertips, we have access to all sorts of information.  Understanding this, I worked hard for a long while and created my first website where I put down a lot of things regarding running and am working towards getting it to become as viral as possible, to impact the running and future running communities.

Technology has the capabilities of teaching us so many things, that it would be dumb not to use it.  Some people use technology in order to play their games and never truly get anywhere because they didn't utilize the time they had on the computer or television... or anywhere else.  Using technology, I've studied about what to eat, drink, and do in order to maximize my running efficiency.  It's only logical that I use what was there, and on the internet, there are an almost infinite amount of information floating around.  Sure, some of them would have no great value and are worth nothing, but some of the information out there can rock your world.

It's important to utilize this information that can be readily in your hands, so therefore, important to figure out which information is valuable and reliable.  Because of the large amount of information appearing online, it's hard to decipher which is the useful information and which isn't.  To me, it's important to look at all sides to the information and make an educated choice that would put together the pieces of information, filling my head with the most logical sets of information.

Of course, technology is but a tool, the most important thing is the people behind the tool.  It's those that utilizes the tool and shares it with others that can truly help.  This is what I'm trying to do with my website, to shed light on other people about the myths of running and how you can work to improve your running abilities.  Utilize the technology around you.

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