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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good Distractions

Spending 4 hours in a car is not my idea of fun, but when using the phone to talk to friends while driving, it made time fly by fast.  When distracting yourself, it's easy to progress in things that are normally hard.  When running, most people find it a lot easier when they distract themselves with music.  It just makes it easier for them.  But in all reality, running 50 miles is running 50 miles whether or not you're listening to music... so what's the difference?

The difference is the state of the body.  When you're driving for hours concentrating on just getting to the other place, you are psychologically and physically putting strain on yourself, and the same goes for running.  When you listen to music or talk to someone... or take your mind off from your actions, your body loosens up, giving you the ability to go further, and feel better.  A tight body uses excessive amounts of energy.  A loose body saves that energy, allowing your body to go even further, without that strain.

Certain distractions will hinder your progress, but others can actually improve your progress.  Find out different things that can help you as you journey on towards your goal.  Find the good distractions in life that distracts you from the harmful things that can occur in your life.

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