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Monday, October 29, 2012

Your Own Training Program

I enjoy making my own training program.  I enjoy helping other people form their own training program.  I believe that it's important for each individual to find their own little training program.

Today, I decided to go carve a pumpkin with my sister and our friends.  I did look at a couple pumpkins before I attempted my own, and although I was inspired by some of the pumpkins I saw, I decided that I was going to carve out my own without looking at pictures.  I had ideas of what I wanted, and by the time I finished it, I had gotten a masterpiece.  This pumpkin, although very small in size, had quite a character.
I enjoyed making this little pumpkin, and looking at it, I realized how important it was for me to carve my very own pumpkin and work hard at making something new.  We often forget the importance of making our own things because we're used to doing what others have done.  Although it is important to look at others, because you don't want to reinvent the wheel, it's important that you create something that is specifically geared towards you (and your tastes).

When you create something, you have the feeling of ownership, where you are obligated to whatever you created.  When I made my pumpkin, I was proud of it and was scared at one point, when I dropped it on the ground.  Fortunately, it didn't break and I was relieved.  The same thing goes for a lot of things, including my training program.  I have my own ideas on my training that is specifically designed for me, allowing me to work and improve at my best. The value of the training program isn't worth too much to anyone else, but making your own gives you the sense of responsibility as well as ownership which makes you more likely to follow it.

It's important to have that feeling of ownership, to to be a part of what you made, where you can truly understand what you are about to do.  Push yourself at your own pace, and you can go far.  Pretending you are someone else might end up hurting you.

Think it up, create, and work with it.

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