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Friday, October 19, 2012


Having a great training plan without following it can be something like knowing that you can get $100.00 by standing up and staying seated.  It's great to have ideas, but without you following through and implementing it, the ideas remain as they are... ideas.

It's a good idea to implement your idea and actually do it, and when you do it, do your best.  A mediocre effort will only get you mediocre results.  However, an amazing amount of effort will produce amazing results... and of course, no effort means no results.

Depending on what you DO, what you think up can actually impact you tremendously.  When you follow a great training plan and you DO it the right way and implement it perfectly, it will results in you becoming a better runner.  When you follow up the race with a proper resting time, you result in helping your body A LOT.

It's all about how you implement your plans and your ideas.

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