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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Good Enough

When you are pursuing your goals and aren't able to finish, can you live with it?  Is it okay to be 'good enough' and almost make it to the goal you set out for yourself?  Is it good enough, in a game of soccer, if your team made great passes and almost scored?  Or maybe if you almost passed a class.  Is that really good enough?  To all those, I say no because the job was not done.  The only good enough is after the job is done, when you reach your goal.

I've recently talked to one of my friends and talked about how people get into exercising with a goal in mind. At first, they're all for the goal and work hard towards it... but somewhere in the middle, they come to a point where they look back and see what they did... but little by little lose their motivation and slow down.  Sometimes, from there, they just get back to where they were before, or maybe they get motivation from someone else and restart their pursuit towards their goals.  I'm curious to see what exactly is in their thought process, whether they slowed down because they've gone far enough or if they were scared of the change they were undertaking.

In studying this, I probably will be able to understand what goes on... but it seems to me that without the motivation, people will go back to what they know best.  To me though, good enough doesn't exist in the middle of your pursuit towards your goal.  It exists once you achieve that goal.  Finish it, get that 100%, achieve your goal.  Good enough is for the weak, so be strong and make sure to make up your mind and finish what you started.

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