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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carpe Diem

Opportunities:  They can be given or they can be made.

Sometimes, you get to go to a conference that's paid for and you get to eat all this food for free and seems like you get a great deal as long as you sit in on the conference.  Those kinds of opportunities are given to you.

Sometimes, you go out of your way and make a mad dash to get in the front of the store on Black Friday and become one of the first 100 people to get some certain kind of discount.  Those kinds of opportunities are made.

There are two different types of opportunities, one is given, the other, made.  Which one are you in control over?  Obviously, it's going to be the one that is made.  If you make your own opportunities, you are in charge of what happens.  The outcome is decided by the one who has control over it.  Some of these opportunities can only be done because you made the decisions to get to that point.

Today was another one of those intense days... where I was a little tired even without running.  I woke up early, met up with my young adults group, went hiking for a couple miles, then ate, then came back, rested a little bit, then worked for 6 hours at the Oktoberfest that we had going on in Farragut.  As a runner, I went back and forth, bringing in food, and doing some odd jobs.  I was on my feet for a long time.  Only after I sat down did I truly understand how I was really feeling.  It felt great that I had an opportunity to just use my everyday life in order to work on my feet.  I chose this for myself because not only would it be financially beneficial, but it would also be a physical work out, and allow me to just become a stronger individual.  It was brutal, but it helped me in a lot of ways.  During today, I was able to talk with a ton of people and grow closer to my friends.  It was definitely worth all that hard work.

Think carpe diem... seize the day, create your own opportunities and go forward with it.

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