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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Eliminate the things that you don't need, the things that are ineffective, the things that hinder your growth.  If it doesn't help you, don't mess with it.  We do a lot of things in the 24 hours we have each day.  Cutting out all the unnecessary things makes our day THAT much more productive.  If you're just dawdling around on the computer all day, that's not productive and it doesn't help you with achieving your goal.  Cut that out.  If you're sleeping for 12 hours each day... that's going overboard.  Cut that out.  There are things we need, and things we don't need.  By eliminating the things that we don't need, we can utilize the time that we have and focus towards the important things that we can do with our lives.

Eliminating different things allow us to manage time more efficiently, making every moment count.  Combining this with focusing on your goal... you can become unstoppable.

As for me and running, there are days when I just don't utilize my time and end up wasting it.  I could have gone out for a run today, but didn't because I wasted a lot of my time.  Tomorrow, I'll have to make sure that I eliminate the things that would waste my time and focus on having a day filled with productiveness.

(that doesn't mean that you don't have a life.  It means that you have days where you can take a break because taking a break is productive.  We need that.  Don't eliminate the rest time you have.  You need it!)

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