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Saturday, May 11, 2013

When You're Tired

I ran twice today, running both in the morning and at night, and of course, the hardest run was my second run.  It was hard because I was already tired from the morning run as well as from standing at work for 7 hours, and it really was tempting to just not run.  However, after telling people that I was going to go for a run... and being a man of my word, I went and did my (stupid ol') run.  I wasn't exactly enthusiastic as I started the run, but as I kept going, I felt pretty good about getting up and going forward.

After finishing the run, I was glad it was over.  It was a lot tougher but I managed to finish it, and the satisfaction was that much more to me because I was weak and tired, but kept on going.  Whenever you're weak and tired... and you have a goal to accomplish, accomplish it, and you'll feel so much better and the satisfaction is exponentially better than when you accomplish something when you're not  tired and weak.

It takes a lot of willpower to get through... especially when you're tired.  Push through and you'll be satisfied.  Give up and you'll have regret.

Personally, I like the first choice...

(altogether, I ran 11.43 miles... 3 days in a row where I ran more than 10 miles)

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