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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Being Smart

Sometimes you have to make the right decisions, knowing it goes against your manliness.  Today was one of those days.  After the intenseness of floor hockey yesterday, there was another floor hockey game scheduled for today.  I was totally going to go... til I felt that my Achilles tendon wasn't doing so well.  I mean, it felt like it would crack if you bent it enough, you know, the healthy kind of crack where you feel good?  Well, I tried that but it didn't want to crack... and it started hurting a little more.  I knew that after having a major cramp right before going to bed, I might have needed some rest, but after waking up and feeling that pain, I knew I would have to make today a nonrunning day.

Doing the right thing could be the most simplest thing, or the most complex.  The thing is, either way, you make choices.  Now was it the best thing for me to sprint my heart out yesterday playing floor hockey?  Probably not... but it still was one heck of a speed/recovery drill.  Was it what I needed? Not exactly, but it was nice to run with people and push myself... and might have also gotten me another Cross Country runner.

Instead of leading 'the perfect runner life' I've decided that I've got more than just one thing on my plate, and out of everything I have before me, the select things I've decided upon should be my main focus.  In focusing on all of them, my goal is to become the best I can be in whatever I do, and whatever I do, I do it in order to better myself in all those ways.

There's more to life than running, like family and friends, and to keep that in my mind is very important because I've heard of stories where some people devoted their entire lives to running, and that tore up their lives.  We're definitely here to do more than just that.  There's a lot to living than the one passion.  Let's continue on that path, be smart, and work hard (and don't forget to have fun!)

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