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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Using Focus to Achieve Success

An axe hitting various points on a tree trunk will not chop the tree down, but should it strike the same point continuously, it can bring down even the most colossal of trees.

Focus is then imperative to success.  In order to succeed and achieve something enormous, every day needs to be dedicated towards achieving that goal.  Should you let that energy go elsewhere, the likelihood that you will succeed greatly diminishes.  The higher the goal, the more focused you must become, because in order to succeed, it means that every single swing counts.

Let's say that you have about a thousand swings in you.  You could either generally aim it at the same place and use a good 600 swings to achieve that goal of knocking down a tree, or you could take precise swings and strike 400 times and knock that tree down.  The better the focus, the easier it becomes to succeed.  Efficiency is all about being deliberate in your actions, that no matter the circumstances, you take the best possible steps (or swings in this case) in order to achieve your goal... however, be warned that we have more than one tree to knock down.

In my life, I have multiple dreams.  I'm going to be a world class endurance athlete.  I'm going to serve and help as many people as I can with what talents I have.  I would like to be the best me that I could be.  I would like to have a good family... but if I were to focus all my attention on only one dream, the others would suffer because of it.  It's important to balance that focus in order to have a holistic life.  In focusing all my attention on others, I would in turn forget to help myself and thus impede my own personal development, limiting what I can do to serve those around me.  Therefore, we must be willing to always take that time to step back and assess where we are, so we could develop and mature accordingly.

In focusing too little, we aren't able to succeed in anything.  In focusing too much, we lose the ability to live a holistic life.  As with everything else, we must live our lives in balance.  Don't be someone that has too many things to do that nothing ever gets done... but at the same time, don't be that person that focuses entirely on work, and loses their relationship at home.

The power of focus allows all of our strength to go to a single focal point, making the greatest impact, and allowing so much to occur.

Imagine a magnifying glass.  It can focus the warm rays of the sun into a focal point and immediately combines all that energy, causing the kindling to combust.  In the same way, focus has the potential to maximize your efforts, allowing you to accomplish countless feats.

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