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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Leveling up

There are five main plot components that takes place in a novel.  The introduction, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and the conclusion.  The protagonist will have to begin the story  at a certain point with certain characteristics, but throughout the duration of the plot, the character develops, allowing what was once a hopeless situation to transform into something hopeful.  The problem itself does not change... in fact, usually, as the story goes, the problem evolves into something bigger, but in order to handle the situation, the protagonist undergoes some growth which allows him or her to overcome the obstacle, and thus change the flow of the story, bringing it to the conclusion.

In the same way, we have problems which enters our lives.  In order to continue living our lives fully, it's important that we take care of the problem.... but what happens when we are a level 3 person that meets up with a level 5 problem?  To us, the problem is monstrous and too much to handle.  We can't control the situation as now the situation is bigger than us, and therefore can't move on... we're stuck.

In moments like this, we feel powerless as we aren't capable of handling the circumstances we're in, and we're overwhelmed as the dilemma is more than we can take.  What can we do to get through this crisis?

As we know that we are incapable of handling such a problem, it becomes evident that we need help from someone that can handle the situation, at least a level 5 person in that scenario.  Having people in our lives that we can learn from is vital because in order to get through life, it's vital that we grow.  If we're incapable of running a 100 mile race, the only way to change that is through training and self development.  In the same way, should we face a problem that is larger than ourselves, it is important that we grow so that the problems that are in our lives become something trivial.  Every day ought to be a day where you grow, where you can proceed in a proper direction, a path where you mature into an individual able to handle anything life throws at your way.

There will be people that can help you, books that can guide you, videos you can learn from.  However, most importantly, it is critical that you yourself must have the desire to advance in the direction necessary to not just survive any hardships, but thrive and become even stronger through those events.

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