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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Last week, I was honored to be able to do a motivational speech in front of about 600 6th graders at River Trail Middle School.  In that speech, I was able to talk about dreams and how to achieve them, as well as shocking them with a couple things that they would have never expected from me.

Here's the outline of what I spoke... and if anyone wants me to speak to any sort of group, just email me and I'd be more than happy to do that.

Sho – Endurance Athlete – Motivation: GOAL

Introduction:  Who I am, what I do, etc.

I.  Dream
            A.  Your Dreams
                        1.  Defining Steps, Goals, and Dreams
                        2.  It’s a dream because it can’t be easily achieved
                        3.  Is it worth it?
            B.  Imagination
                        1.  Beginning with the End in Mind.  What do you see?
                        2.  Believe that it’s possible
II.  Desire
            A.  How bad do you want it?
                        1.  Defining “Desire”
                        2.  You only do what you want to do
                        3.  Listening to the voice that matters
            B.  Why do you want it?
                        1.  Staying Focused
                        2.  Staying Organized
                        3.  Implementation
III.  Dedication
            A.  Taking the right steps
                        1.  Research
                        2.  Head Knowledge to Heart Knowledge
                        3.  Lifestyle - Invest in yourself
            B.  Sacrifice
                        1.  Priorities
                        2.  Perseverance
3.      Failing Forward

My Story, my dreams and the steps I'm taking to make them a reality.

Take a tree, for example.  Every little root gives nourishment and water to the tree so that the tree can grow.  The tree’s goal is to grow up as high as it can as if to reach the sun.  With a big network of roots, it will be able to grow higher, and with that, become taller than the other plants around it.  The higher you want to grow, the more you’ll have to work hard and dig deep.  But as long as you don’t stop, anything is possible.

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