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Monday, April 8, 2013

Eating Good and Bad Foods

It's been a while since I've blogged because I've been sick, my dad came to visit... and I haven't run too much.  Finally, I've gotten better and am at a place where I can resume what I've started.  Through the last few days, I've only run once and that was only for a little over a mile.  Stomach Viruses can really damper your training plans, but at the same time, it has allowed me to see a lot more regarding what I eat and how it affects my body.

Eating good food is good for you right?  That's a pretty obvious statement.  Why would good do anything bad?  However, I've come to a point where there could be a sliver of truth when I say that eating bad food may be good for me.  Now that is an off the wall comment that doesn't make sense at all.  Why would something bad be good?  It would seem obvious that bad food is bad, however, it could be good... now why is that?

The most amazing thing about the human body is the ability to adapt.  When we put in a bunch of preservatives and other manmade things inside of our body, it doesn't kill us.  In fact, our body processes it just like it processes everything else, and it goes through.  With each little adaption our body makes, we build ourselves up and become stronger.  The virus that went inside me eventually was purged from my system because of my body reacting to what went inside of me.  Now I am a little stronger.

During the time I had the virus, I was weak.  I was vulnerable.  However, due to the virus entering me, my immune system became a little stronger, and because of its use, I was given the opportunity to do a system check, to make sure that my defense mechanisms worked in my body... so in fact, eating some bad will make you stronger.  That doesn't mean go out and eat pizza every day, eating junk food instead of the good things... It means that we can add some bad to our good and have a healthy balance in which we grow stronger in more than one way.

If we don't test our bodies, it won't become stronger, and if we constantly eat good food, then our body gets used to that and when something gets into our system, we lose the ability to process it and it may hurt us more than we can imagine.  (and of course, this doesn't mean that you ought to continue to consume foods that you are allergic to... there's a difference between growth and stupidity).

For lunch, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and ordered 12 traditional wings with 3 different flavors.  Was this healthy?  No.  Did it taste good?  Yes.  Did I need it?  Yes.  In fact, the protein that I was given during this time was very beneficial as it helped me and my muscles grow in the way I wanted them to.  There was definitely too much fat as well as the preservatives and artificial flavors in the sauces, but all in all, it would serve to build my body up to becoming stronger and able to work efficiently.

Sometimes, it's good to go eat the bad things.  Try it out every once in a while so you don't lose it.

(at the end of today, I started back getting in shape, working on my 100 day transformation plan, doing 20 minutes of stretching, 100 push ups, 100 crunches, 200 squats, and 400 calf raises, as well as 30 minutes of cycling in the gym.)

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