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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Influencing Others

Whether we want to or not, we influence others, and others influence us.  We look around and see changes made in this world because of an influence of one individual.  A single person can change the world.  An individual CAN make a difference.  You can make that difference.  The difference you can make can either be positive or negative, depending on the type of influence you have... but I'd like to stick to the positive side of things. 

Last year, I went to the Rush like normal and worked out like normal, and suddenly, someone comes up to me and asks me a little about running.  He told me that I looked like a runner and wanted to know how he could become a better runner.  Eventually, over the course of a few months, he was running consistently, dropping weight and got in shape.  After that, I changed my schedule and didn't see him until more recently.  When we met up again and went out for a run, he talked to me about how his dad started walking and getting back into shape and how his family started making meals that were more healthy, thanks to him taking that step in his life.  You see, the power of influence spreads through the different people you make contact with.

I had no personal contact with his family, but through him, I was able to make a difference in their lives.  Influencing others doesn't take too much.  It's because you make a difference in certain individual's lives that you're able to pass that on through them.  The influence doesn't stop with the people you make contact with because it spreads through them into the people they make contact with... which in turn goes even further.

Since influence doesn't stop, it's important to know how you influence people.  There is great power in influence and when used for good, good can spread so far... but when used for bad... that can also spread too.  Make sure to keep your influence a positive one and make a difference in others lives in a positive manner and continue to do so no matter who you meet.  Every person you shape can in the same way shape others.

The last few days, I've noticed a few people around me and how much they've taken steps towards improving themselves, and it's been amazing seeing the change happen in their lives.  I want to continue to encourage others, so that they in turn can encourage more... and who knows... maybe more people will be able to encourage me with my goals.

Keep on running strong everyone!

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