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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Accountability and Encouragement

Today... was another day of nothing.  I didn't work out, I didn't run... I didn't do anything.  Do I feel lazy? Yes.  Is my body going to be ready for an amazing run tomorrow?  Yes.  Taking two days off isn't exactly what I would have liked to do, but I starting tomorrow, I plan on going all out for the next few days, so I decided that I would just rest up my body as much as possible before I logged miles and exercised hours upon hours.  Tomorrow, I plan on running about 20 miles.  Putting this down on this blog forces myself to do one of two things:  1.  In my next blog, lie about how many miles I ran, or 2.  Actually run as many miles as I said I would.

Having other people around you to talk about your goals is really important.  Some days, I don't feel like exercising even though my body feels great.  Sometime, I just want to relax and take a day off and watch a movie or just bum around and not do anything.  However, if I tell my roommate that I'm going to go run 20 miles, I am more likely to do so because I told him what I was going to do.  If I tell a bunch of friends that I'm going to run a 50 mile race with one month of training... I better do it!  It's not like my roommate is forcing me to run 20 miles, and it's not like my friends are making me run 50 miles... but it's me looking at what I said, and asking myself whether I am a man of my word, or just a big mouth that likes to dream big dreams and not live it.  I never asked my friends to encourage me, or to 'force' me to train.  Instead, I told them I was going to do something, and I followed through on it.  Sometimes, you have to force yourself into a position where you feel like you shouldn't back down, whatever your goal is.  Other times, you would ask your friends to encourage you as you go through the journey, supporting you.

Friends... they're people that share a part of your life, being there for you when you need them.  Friends are always there for you and want to support you in whatever you do.  My goal isn't to become the fastest runner in the world.  My goal is to be the most inspirational runner I can be, to encourage others.  However, I'm not alone when it comes to this.  My friends will be there to back me up, support me, encourage me every step of the way.  Friends keep you accountable, friends keeps you going with encouragement.  Friends share your joys as well as your pains, and will stick with you.  In fact, their very existence encourages you to keep going and be strong, because you know that your friends all want you to do your best in whatever you do.

Without my friends, I wouldn't be at the level I am right now.  They are there for me as I take steps towards my goals, my dreams.  They are a big source of accountability as well as encouragement, and because of my friends, I'm able to run towards my goal.  Let's remember who are friends are, not taking them for granted, and encourage them, as they have encouraged us.

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