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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Running, hiking, and then some

As I sit here on a rock, I look up and I see that Mike is climbing up a rock face. He fell a couple of times to catch himself but he kept on going until he reached his limit. What makes people keep on doing this when there is so much pain involved? It's because they have a goal. To push themselves as hard as they can, to reach as high as they possibly can so that they can push their body to the limit.

The body is controlled by the mind and does whatever the mind tells it to do. Now unfortunately, the body is limited, but the mind... it is basically unlimited. Now. In order to improve your body, you need to push it, and your mind is what pushes the body. For Mike, he wanted to mold his body to climb rock walls out in the mountains even if it meant that he would get hurt. In order to mold your body into doing what you want it to do, you need to expect that pain.

As for me, I want to be able to run ultra distances and compete against elite runners. In order to get that, I have to want it, I have to expect the pain, I have to push on. There are going to be obstacles that I'm going to have to overcome. There are sacrifices that I must make. But if I keep my eyes on the goal and push my body into submission, I am able to achieve my goal.

Today is a great day, running by myself, hiking and climbing with my friends, and seeing people work hard towards their goals, achieving things that I would have looked at and thought impossible. It's a great thing, to be able to take part in this because it really inspires me to work harder towards my goals. Now I'm watching Brad climb. Haha. Cool friends.

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