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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Habit

Habits can be hard to break. Habits can be hard to make. Habits design how we live our lives. Some days I go out and run because it's a habit. Some days, I eat late because it's a habit. A habit can be good. A habit can be bad.

Leading a healthy life is changing bad habits into good habits and continuing your good habits and making them better. Because I want to live a healthy life, I do my best to start the morning with some sort of exercise to jump start my body's metabolism. Making that a habit was especially hard for me because I had to wake up 'early' to go to work. Doing that would mean that I would have to go to sleep earlier. A habit is not made overnight. It requires a lot of diligence and hard work.

In order to achieve my goal, I needed to make habits AND break habits. There are days where I want to run because that's what I always do. However, I have to choose to not go and run because that is beneficial to me. In the same way, for any individual to achieve their goals, habits must be created and destroyed. The creation and destruction of these habits help form the foundation of the lifestyle that the individual wants to live.

In order to work towards my goal, I have chosen to contribute to my blog daily, and some days, it has been tough. Today, I'm actually typing up this blog with my iPhone because I didn't have a computer to type it on. It's a new experience, a little hard, but it's worth the effort to do it because I want an opportunity to encourage others to take that step to break a habit or to creat a habit, and to work as hard as they can towards their goals.

Today I took a break and decided that my body needed to recover, rather than train. It felt really good.

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