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Friday, March 23, 2012

Poker 101

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play our hand.
-Randy Pausch

When I run... it's not always about exercise... it can also be like a counseling session with myself.  I can run away from all the problems and stress that comes in my daily life, and instead focus on something I feel is important.  Focusing on things one at a time, and not just worry about it gives me the strength I need to overcome it.  Worrying about what's happened doesn't do a thing to help me.  Instead, it just makes me feel down, and I become distant from who I am.  Using running, I am able to focus on what I can do about what's happened.  There is no way to change what has happened, and the most logical thing to do is about what to do to take the next step.

Bad things happen... and sometimes, it's out of our control.  The next step we go with is to deal with the situation.  To dwell upon the situation does nothing about the situation itself.  Instead, one must do something about the situation, in order to go towards the direction they want to go towards.

Today, I ran with Garrett 6.29 miles in 47:19, an average of 7:38 min/mile.  At the beginning of this blog, I weighed 174 pounds, and my miles were considerably low.  Because of this constant running and exercise I have been doing (not to mention the amount of good food I've eaten), I am now at 167 pounds, and am faster, and I can run further. When I first started my blog, I had just gotten over strep throat, and was running a little slow.  Progress is taken through steps, and with the steps I've taken, I've been able to take quite a few steps towards my goal.

How are you going to play your hand?

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