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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your Steps and Your Goal

In order to reach my goal of running for others, I need to take the proper steps.  In order to impact a greater number of people, I have to have the credibility as a runner and also as an inspirational speaker/writer.  In order to do that, I need to take the proper steps in order to work towards that goal.  One of my steps to achieve my goal right now is to perform well in the Nashville Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.  I'm training pretty hard to be able to compete and do well in that race.  Today, I was able to do another night run of 7.15 miles in 51:57, an average of 7:17 min/mile, which isn't a bad pace, considering where I started.  After that, I went to the gym (or rather... I just ran to the gym using a long-cut) and did a few workouts, with the main focus on my abs... and then went to the sauna to help my muscles recover.  It was one of those great nights where I felt like I could push myself and go further, but considering that tomorrow I'd be doing another 10+ miles of running, I thought I'd take it easy today.

Although I am training pretty hard core for this upcoming race, I always keep in mind that I'm not running this race just to make a PR and feel good about myself.  I want to use this race as a stepping stone into running further.  This race is just one marathon, where I trained for two months in order to compete in, and also to judge where I am and where I should go.  Of course, I'd like to do well and get a PR, but if my focus was on that, I lose focus on the real reason I run.  Focusing on my step is a good thing as long as you realize it's just a step, but once that step turns into a goal, you lose sight of where you're going.  I believe that if I look at this step as a goal, there's not too much of a point of me writing a blog every day about how my training is.  A simple calendar would be all I need in order to accomplish that.  The race is a step towards my goal, just like the blog is another step towards my goal.  Putting all the steps together helps me get closer and closer to my goal.

Sometime, we forget what our steps are and what our goals are.  It's important to understand which is what; after all, we have to keep the main thing the main thing.  What's the point of running the first half of the marathon at a record speed if you're going to tank out the last half?  The reason some people run their first half faster than their second half is because they lose sight of what the step is and what their goal is.  So let's work on each and every step we have to take to reach our goal, and always keep our eyes on our goal.

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