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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Droplet to Ocean

Let's say that you are in a jungle, you're thirsty, and there aren't any water sources nearby.  You walk to a tree with a vine, cut the vine, and let it dangle, water slowly dripping out, little by little filling the cup.  As each drip slowly forms and goes into the cup, the heat evaporates some of the water, losing part of the volume.  However, due to the amount of water going into the cup, eventually, the cup is filled, giving you enough to drink.  Looking at the ocean, the vast quantity of water, it's hard to imagine how many droplets had to have been put down to form that body of water.

Now imagine each droplet as a single event that you do in your life.  As a runner, I look at the miles I've run, the hours I've slept, the foods and drinks I've consumed... but there's a lot more to that in my life.  How I live my life reflects how I turn out to be.  Every second of my life points me towards a direction that I've chosen.  It's not just the things I do for my goals, but what I also do on the side that adds to the runner that I am.  Today I played a couple hours of floor hockey.  Was that strict running? No!  I used it to improve my speed, but what I truly focus on is my lifestyle.  I live an active lifestyle, and living that active lifestyle supports my overall goal.  As I am writing this blog, I am encouraging myself to continue my course of running, honing my mind to move towards my goal.  Every droplet counts.  If I were to eat out at a fast food restaurant every day, but kept my workouts the same, I wouldn't be improving as much because my life isn't focused.  The choices I make either adds the droplets, or lets the droplets evaporate.

What if we were traveling from one end of the country to the other.  It's a long trip, but we're fully prepared.  We take a step towards where we are going.  Does that make the distance shorter?  Yes.  However small your step is, you have shortened the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Every decision you make can be that small step that shortens the gap between you and your goal.  The question is: Will you take that step?  Will your lifestyle correspond with the goal and become the small steps towards it?

Whatever you do, be it big or small, makes a difference.  As each droplet forms an entire ocean, each moment in life makes up... you.

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