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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Time to Rest

In 24 hours, we do a lot.  We walk, we eat, we sleep, we sit, we stand... the list goes on and on.  However, out of that 24 hours, we do a lot of sleeping.  Why do we sleep?  It's because we need a moment to shut things down and take that break.  Breaks are important because they let our bodies recover that little bit.  However, there are times when the overall strain is too much and a day of rest is needed.  Today was one of those days... or maybe not exactly...

Yesterday, I was already tired from the day before's 15 miler, but I ran anyway, finishing 7.59 miles, but today... today was suppose to be a nice and relaxing day.  I had somewhat decided that I would take a break from running, but after talking with my roommate, decided that I'd go for a short run.  Ending up running 5.04 miles in 39:50, I felt pretty good about running it at a 7:54 min/mile average.  I wasn't pushing too hard, but it wasn't exactly a break.  Ideally, it would be amazing if my body got used to this amount for a break day, but this is why I'm trying it now, because towards the beginning of the training, your body is still working on finding what the foundation is.  I'd like my foundation to be 5 miles a day for now, but eventually get to 10 miles a day.

During your rest days, it's important to actually rest because that's when your body is actually 'fixing itself' and recovering from whatever you're doing.  If I'd be running 5 miles on my rest day, I think that my physical health ought to be pretty high.  I wonder what'll happen on the day I reach 10 miles on a rest day... (which also has me thinking... am I going to have a life?).

It's important to me to work towards my goals, and at the same time, not tear my body apart.  Having been running 10 days in a row, I'm feeling pretty good about myself and the rate I'm going... I'm hoping that the trend will continue and I'd be able to get through and make a difference in my life, and eventually, through this, get to my goal.

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