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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Epic Friday

Last night, I decided before I went to sleep, that Friday would be called Epic Friday (#EpicFriday) and so everything I did that day became epic. 

Here's my Epic Recap

16 min to wake up and get to school (EPIC LVL 2)
Taught my class a song about the ribs (EPIC LVL 1)
Ate Birthday cake while watching CSI and having a really sweet conversation with a good friend (EPIC LVL 1)
Trail-blazed up House Mountain and got bushwhacked (EPIC LVL 3)
Ate 10 pancakes and sides at IHOP (EPIC LVL 1)
20 min nap at Steven's church (not really epic...)
Went to the Gallery in Gay Street and talked to the artists and groups there, building relationships with them, talked about how they got their inspiration and listening to drumming (EPIC LVL 2)
Random happenstance meeting with Lynne and made a new Facebook (and real life) friend, Andrew (EPIC LVL 3)
Sitting at Starbucks with an Apple Chai Latte and on Facebook (EPIC LVL... satisfied)

It was totally worth it.  I had a day filled with so many things.  I was up and moving, I was enjoying life, I was living as I should.

It's important to have days like these in order to remember how to enjoy your life.  Sometimes, we get sidetracked with the many things that we have to do, that we never take time to live life.

The day before, I ran 11.51 miles altogether in 3 different runs.  All business but at the same time, enjoyable because I knew where I was getting myself.  Today, on the other hand, I didn't measure out my miles in the mountain run, but I probably had about 4 miles throughout the whole day.  Running up a mountain was tough and running down was fun.  Walking around Market Square was another little healthy and fun bit.  This whole day was filled with action and events that made me enjoy this day even more.  A productive day is a really awesome day... or rather... an epic day.

Remember to have your Epic Day.

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