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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Problems When You Go Too Fast

Faster is better right?  That's very true, but there are points where you can go too fast, and in turn destroy what you've build thus far.  Last night, as I was working as a dishwasher at Linderhof, I was asked to slice up over a hundred little red potatoes.  At first, I did it the way I was used to, but that was a little on the slow side, so I had the chef teach me the proper way of cutting which would reduce the time.  He showed me and so I looked and made it my own.  I started cutting faster and faster, which was good, but at some point, I was cutting it too fast, almost chopping my fingers off with that sharp knife.  Before it became a problem, I stopped cutting fast and worked on cutting it at a speed I could handle.  It's important to do things at a speed you can actually handle, because in doing it at a speed you can handle, your body will in turn work more efficiently, and without you realizing it, you will actually get faster because your body understands what you're doing.  As a very efficient system, your body is made to learn and improve and reach a higher efficiency rate, and when you do things consistently, your body will in turn level up that certain skill.

Whether in relationships, chopping potatoes, or running, there can be consequences of going too fast... so instead of risking it, it's a lot better to take your time and improve slowly and steadily, so that you'll be able to progress at a healthy rate.  Better to go at a healthy rate than to risk hurting something.  In life, you might be tempted to take that risk to get closer to your goals, but think about it for a moment and ask yourself if the risk is worth taking, or would it possibly negatively affect you for the rest of your life.

Remember that it's not going fast that's the problem.  It's going too fast.  We get tempted to go faster and faster at times and before we know it, we cross that threshold and have entered the domain of too fast where we somehow injure ourselves in the process.  Things can end up pretty nasty if you do go too fast so make sure that you take the right steps and focus on your healthy growth.

Today... was one of those exciting days.  I was able to go through the whole day memorizing bones and bone parts, as well as talking and eating dinner with my dad.  However, at the end of the day, I was able to play a little over 2 hours of floor hockey, where we had some hard core games going on.  I didn't get to go running... but I did manage to get my anaerobic exercise and also work on my recovery rate.  Pretty sore by the end of the day... but hey, I had a ton of fun.

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