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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Past Few Days

Since I've started to rebuild my foundation from scratch, I've been running but not AS hard as I would have liked originally.  I'm making sure that I'm running at a healthy rate where I'm improving myself in not only fitness but in health.  The last 3 days, I've run a little faster but not... too fast.  On Monday, I ran 4 miles in 28:49, an average of 7:12 min/mile.  I definitely wasn't pushing that, but was going a little harder than what 'easy' would be.  Tuesday, I went out between classes and ran for 34:58 min because I was running out of time and had to get to class.  In that time, I ran 4.97 miles, and because I hurried a good bit on the way back, my average was 7:02 min/mile.  Finally, today, I went out for a nice run between my classes, running 5.92 miles in 47:55, an average of 8:05 min/mile.  I definitely wasn't pushing it, but I wasn't slacking.  At the moment, I'm trying to work on my aerobic threshold, and in semi-pushing myself, I'm able to get to that point of improvement, I would build a more efficient body, allowing myself to not only work more efficiently, but also make it so that when I train and race, I would be less likely to get injured.

The past few days have been days of building a foundation.  It's important to have a good, big, solid and stable foundation because it helps build you into a stronger individual.  Find the path to building a stronger individual and continue to work on it as you progress.  The progress is gradual, but the person you mold becomes that much more stable.

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