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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Burn the Fat Off

When you run fast, you use a lot of energy, but do you know that you're actually using a lot of energy that comes from carbs?  The thing is that our body likes to use carbs as a source of energy because it can easily convert to energy.  Through glycolysis, the carbs we consume gets used and we're able to use that energy in our daily lives.  However, we have to continually eat in order for the carbs to be used.  It's a never ending cycle since we consume carbs... but what about fat?  How can we burn that?  Well the process in which fat burns is called lipolysis, and it's a little more complex than that of glycolysis.  It gives you more energy, however, it's harder for the body to do that, and the body would rather go with glycolysis than lipolysis.

So how can we then turn the switch on so that we can use energy through the burning of fat instead of carbohydrates?  Well, to me, the easiest possible way you can do that is through cardio workouts.  As a runner, it's important to be able to run at a pace that focuses on burning more fat than carbs because it helps my body able to last longer in long races.  Should I use glycolysis only, then I'll run out of energy because my body can only hold so much.  However, lipolysis creates 4 times the amount of energy compared to glycolysis and therefore can be more efficiently used for longer amounts of strain.  However, because it takes a long time for the body to jump into fat burning, you can't do an intense amount of exercise, because it'll automatically trigger the body into using glycolysis instead of lipolysis.

Simply put, low amounts of exercise will allow the body to use a good ratio amount of fat and carbs and will end with a good result.  Overall, more energy would be burned from both should you decide to go with an intense workout, but that would mean that you'd have to couple intense workouts with large quantities of food.  If you want to maximally make your body as efficient as possible, it's important that you just stick with the lower intensity workout which promotes a balanced and efficient use of what you have.

As you work on that aspect, you'll improve your health level to catch up with your fitness level and be able to grow that much more.  Small consistent steps will go a long way, and when you persistently follow a proper plan, you'll see amazing results.

Today, in order to condition my body to balance lipolysis with glycolysis, I purposefully ran slowly and ran 4.01 miles in 34:56, an average of 8:42 min/mile.  It was slow, but I felt like I was taking the step towards the right direction.  I was pushing myself and improving my health as I ran towards my goal of being as healthy as I am fit.  One small step for me this time around, but many more to follow, allowing myself to sculpt my body in the way I want it to be... the only bad thing I'm doing today would be going out with friends and playing an indoor soccer game... that's totally an anaerobic workout... doing the opposite of what I want to work on... but hey, it's just this once, and I get to hang out with friends.  Let's give those fast twitch muscles a little work.

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