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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look Straight Ahead

Running is simple.  All you do is to look straight ahead and just run.  There's nothing complex about it.  Whenever you have a goal.  There's a path to get there.  There's a course.  And the only way through it is to run that course, looking straight ahead at where you're suppose to go.  In an ultra marathon, that course is filled with twists and turns, switch backs, and river crossings.  The distance is long and the course is hard, but there is a path to that goal and should you follow it, you'll reach the finish line.

Sometimes it'll seem impossible, but as long as you look straight ahead and run, you WILL finish.  It's funny how sometimes we forget that simple act of looking straight ahead helps you get to your destination. Whether it be running, career, or anything else, looking straight ahead will result with you getting there.

Find your goal.
Look Straight ahead.
Then go for it.

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