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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Making the Best Choice

Running is good for me... and so is sleeping.

We sometimes have to choose one or the other... so how do we choose?  Simple really.  All I do is listen to my body and do what needs to be done.  Should my body tell me that I ought to sleep because I haven't been sleeping too much lately... that means I ought to sleep.  However, if the body agrees and says that the run is more important, obviously, I would go for the run... the harder decision is if your body is confused about what directions you're suppose to be going.

Sometimes, life isn't black and white... but gray instead.  When that time comes, it's just as important to trust your experience as well as your intuition.  The gray areas are hard to make good decisions from, so listen carefully and try to make the best decision.

Tonight, the decision for me was to run or to go home and sleep.  I chose the latter, because it was a long day.  I was working from 4-1 and it wasn't exactly the most fun time.  Standing around doing dishes was a little bit of a physical feat, but I'm pretty used to doing that now.  Although I wanted to run, I had previously run 5 days in a row, so resting on this seemed like a good idea.

Life isn't always that easy.  Sometimes, you'll get mixed up when you make decisions.  However, the most important thing is this...  Do your best to make the best decision, according to what you know.

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