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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Sometimes, we don't feel like doing things and end up wasting a lot of time because we spend it all complaining or doing something else.  Instead, try to get through the 'problem' and go on with your life.  The more you do that, the less time you'll waste, and the more productive you'll be.  Today, my moment of productivity came when there was a 2 hour break in between classes.  I brought my things with me and I went out for a run.  Running for 1:00:44, I made it 7.72 miles, running at a 7:51 min/mile pace.  Now as my first run since the race, I think that this was a pretty decent pace.  At this point, I need to start to train at a faster pace during my shorter runs, so I'm going to work into my training schedule a shorter and faster workout (definitely doing Wednesday night hockey). 

Making each moment count, we get closer to our goals.  It's what we do and what we don't do that makes a difference in our lives.  Make sure to do the productive thing and don't waste time.

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