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Monday, March 4, 2013

Being Flexible

Flexibility isn't only about how your body is, but how they are applied are similar.  The more flexible you are, the wider the motion will be.  If your motion is limited because you aren't flexible but are instead rigid, that means that you won't have that range of motion.  It's important to be flexible, but not too flexible.  The balance is always important, as having too much or little stretches you too much or limits you too much.

Limiting yourself allows you to focus on the important things, however, in unlimiting yourself, you can instead spread yourself thin and not accomplish anything.  Therefore, it's important to have that balance... the flexibility that allows you to move enough and effect areas where you can make a positive impact in. 

When you give yourself that flexibility, you're not stuck on one thing, getting tired and stressed.  You're able to move around and do more.  Just like the ants from Bugs Life went around the leaf, flexibility allows the individual to go a new way to get to their original goal.  You aren't stuck with only one thing and one way.  In my training, there isn't just one way for me to get in shape to run this 100 miler.  There are multiple ways.  This means that no matter what comes my way, my flexibility allows me to plod onward towards my goal.

A couple days ago, I ran 10.69 miles in 1:17:26, an average of 7:14 min/mile.  Today, I'm looking at where I am and am not interested in running that far or that fast because there are proper steps I need to take.  My main goal is to have my health level higher than before... not my fitness, and in order to succeed in running this 100 mile race, that is the most important thing for me.

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