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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From the Couch to ALMOST Running a 5k

We all start somewhere, and for some of us, we start from the bottom.  In order to get from the couch to running a 5k, you need some prep work: inspiration, motivation, accountability, discipline, and time.  Once you get your prep work, you need to get up and start the training.

Inspiration is something that is strong and gives a tremendous amount of power to the individual.  However, if left alone, that inspiration, over a short amount of time, will just dissipate and the power is gone.  Carpe Diem! Seize the day! (well... in this case, I'd say seize the moment)  As soon as inspiration hits you, you realize the need to change, the want to change, you're hyper, wanting to change your life, you have an emotional high which gives you the resolve to step it up... do something.  The inspiration gives you a boost.  Should you choose to ignore it, you will revert to your original lifestyle, but should you ride the wave, you could end up changing your life.  Life has a lot of those moments, but it's you who chooses to use that moment to 'run' forward.

Motivation comes after inspiration because the power isn't nearly as strong as inspiration, but it keeps you going.  Having a goal creates motivation, and it keeps the individual going.  Sometimes, you lose sight of your goal, therefore losing your motivation.  That can hinder you and your path towards running that 5k.  That's why motivation and accountability goes together really well.  What's the point of having a goal if you forget about it all the time?  Accountability is important because it helps you remember what you need to do and why you are doing all this.  You can be self-accountable, and write notes in different places where you'll see them to remind you what your goals are... or you can have other people keep you accountable, making sure that your eyes are on your goal and that you keep taking steps towards that goal.

The Motivation and Accountability really helps you with your Discipline.  Having people keeping you accountable helps the discipline factor.  Other people expect you to perform in a certain way, and the constant 'nagging' of other people keeping you accountable encourages you to continue and making your body submit to your will.  Discipline means that the individual is in control over their body, and their body is not in control of them.  In discipline, you decide what you need, what you want, and what will happen.

We have a life 'filled' with things to do and we just don't have time to run.  We have to work, socialize, cook, eat, sleep... and don't have the time to run.  So how do people find that time?  Time is the last step before physically training the body to run that 5k.  Time can be found anywhere.  The important thing about finding time is having your priority straightened out.  Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and everyone chooses to live their day differently, according to what their priorities are.  When we work on our inspiration, motivation, accountability, and discipline, we take steps that shows what are priorities are.  Knowing this, you can find the time you need to start training for the 5k.

Well... all that's left is to train for that 5k.  Guess I'll talk about it tomorrow.  I'm headed to bed.  Going to wake up and run a little bit.

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