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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Can-Do Attitude

In yesterday's game, we had our ups and downs.  Our team could have lost it at the end and given up, but with the whole team working together, working hard, we were able to manage to put up two goals in less than two minutes.  We had two choices when the other team scored their 11th goal.  We could either choose to give up, or to fight.  The thing is, we had that Can-Do Attitude, which allowed us to persevere and use our talents to overcome this obstacle and succeed in tying up the game.

A Can-Do Attitude is vital in a life of success.  With that kind of attitude, no matter how hard an event can be, you can overcome it.  When life throws something difficult at you, you have two choices.  To give up, or to fight.  When we give up, do we get any stronger?  Do we grow?  I can't see that happening.  However, when we fight, do we get stronger?  Do we grow?  We do.  No matter what the outcome is, growth is inevitable.  A Can-Do Attitude is what pushes us forward, a Can-Do Attitude helps us achieve the 'impossible'.

When confronted with something, will you choose to focus on the things you can't do about the situation, or focus on the things you CAN do about the situation?

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