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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Small Step

It's important to take those small steps because instead of going behind, you get a little closer.  Every little step really does add up in the long run.  It's because of the small steps that you get closer to your goal.  Today wasn't too bad of a day.  Since I was still a little sore from working out before, I just did 10 pull ups and then cycled for 31:50 and went 8 miles.  After that, I went to the sauna to stretch out.  My knee isn't giving me as much trouble as it had before, but I still want to make sure that I'm set to go so I'm going to make sure to take these little steps to go forward.

Sometimes, people want to just jump and take a bunch of big steps.  When you're ready for that, it'll be okay, but sooner or later, because of the big steps you take, you'll end up hurting yourself.  I want to be able to do those big steps, but where I am right now, small steps are just what I need to prepare to take the bigger steps.  I chose to take the smaller steps because it's safer and surer.  It's always better to train at a safer and surer route rather than a unsafe route.  Slow and steady wins races, while fast and sporadic hurts.  Even though I have a couple races here ahead of me, the big races aren't going to come for a couple years.  As a ultra distance runner, I'm going to take those little steps and continue to take them until I reach my goal.

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