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Monday, June 18, 2012


I had the honor of going to the University of Tennessee and talk to three different people about the Kinesiology program.  Now that I've more or less decided that I would get into the Masters Program, I wanted to know more about what they did.  One of the professors was writing an article about retention.  Not muscle retention as I initially thought, but focused towards the psychological side.

When you're in front of a crowd about to perform a solo, or maybe you're about to make a big presentation, or you're standing on the track ready to start the race, or on a soccer field about to start playing... we sometimes get so nervous that we don't perform as well as we ought to.  While we may train and perform better without the pressure, our goals are to go beyond that and perform our best with that pressure.  What we practice in training should go to what we do in the actual competition, and we should retain the same imagery in order to help ourselves perform at our best, in training and in performing.

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