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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Starting Easy

It's been a couple days since "The Run" and I've made a promise not to go running... however, today was National Running Day, so I had 'no choice' but to run.  I started out with 30 minutes on the stationary bike (7.47 miles), and after my legs had warmed up, I ran a quarter of a mile at a 10 minute pace.  My knees were still feeling it from the race and so I made sure not to overexert myself and possibly hurt myself.  When you're back to doing something new, you don't want to wear yourself down right away.  It's important to ease into your training because that way, you're not stretching yourself too much.

Does an athlete practice right after a hard game?  Do students study for the class right after they take a test?  Do people after they get married immediately go back to their jobs and work just like normal?  After a funeral, do you just go out and party with your friends?  We aren't made to continuously work like robots.  Our body needs rest, no matter what we do, and that rest is important.  After doing something hard, it's important to loosen up and relax so that our bodies can recuperate and get back to that tip top shape (whether it be physically, mentally, psychologically, or in any other way) so that we could perform at our best during the 'training' for our next goal/step.

When getting back into the good habit of working towards your goals, don't just jump in because you'll hurt yourself.  You can overburden yourself and that awesome goal won't seem so awesome anymore if you do that.  Nice and easy helps you get over the initial steps and gives you the time you need to get a sturdy footing to take steps towards your goal.

Start easy, work steadily, and you'll definitely be rewarded.

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