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Monday, June 11, 2012

Every Day

Be confident every day.  Be smart every day.  Be strong every day.  It's not just one day out of the year you have to do your best... it should be every day of the year.  Those that train for the Ironman understands the importance of every day.  They train hard every day, making their training as efficient as possible, so that they would not only finish, but compete against each other.  They don't try one day and not the next.  Every day, they have a specific training regiment that they follow, maximizing their workload to what their bodies can handle, but also so that their body would be able to grow and peak out at the Ironman they are competing at.

In the same way, I believe that every day is a day to which we can take the best steps towards our goal.  My goal is to become a top runner in the ultra marathon world, to be an example to help those achieve their goals.  I need to make sure that I take each day seriously and that I grow according to what I do each and every day.

I made sure to take it easy today in my training because it's been only a week and two days since the 12 hour race.  I went out to run 5 miles, but due to me feeling pretty good, I ran 6.9 miles in 1:01:28, an average of about 8:54 min/mile.  Now this is faster than my pace during the 12 hour race, but it's still considerably slow when I look at my goals.  I need to work on my speed so that it could translate to the ultra distances, so I am definitely going to have to work on my 5k time.  This week, I'll be getting some mileage on my feet so that I wouldn't have to worry about hurting myself by pushing too much with the pace.  I'm creating a firm foundation so that I would be able to build off that.  My plan next week is to start up speed drills 3 times a week, and one long run a week and two easy medium runs.  I believe that with proper amounts of work, I would be able to work on both short and long distances, maximizing my speed and using that for a long distance race.

The most important thing between me and my goals are to make sure to work on it every day, that every day would mean something to me, pushing me off towards my goals.   You can't just jump up and achieve your goal.  The goal can only be reached through a journey, and what better to do than to choose what to do every day, to make it to that goal.

It's all about working at it every day.

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