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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Work and Your Goals

There are times when your work and goals are not one in the same.  As for me, this is very true, and it's because of this that I have a harder time balancing my work and my goals.  However, it's important to for me to work towards achieving my goals, so that it eventually becomes my work.  Right now, I'm not at that place yet, so I'm having to work hard at balancing all that.  Sometimes, this is hard for me to do.  This time around, I'm fortunate that I ran the 12 hour race because I really needed a break from running and focus on work.  Because of that, I have been able to focus on work and finish what needs to be finished.

It's funny how balance is key throughout this whole running blog.  Without balance, I really can't get anywhere because I'd be too focused on one thing.  I'm fortunate that I'm able to use the rest period for work, so that I would recover well.  Now only if I could work proactively on my job and get an actual break... maybe next time, when I actually know my job.  Sometimes, it can be hard to balance your work and your goals... especially when you are unsure what that exactly entails.  Once you know what it means to work (at your specific job) and go towards your goals, you can be sure that it's a lot more easier to balance it, enabling you to live an easier life.

Just as it is important to work towards your goals, you need to ensure that you spend some time on your work, so that you can support yourself and your journey to your goals.  Keep the main thing the main thing, but make sure not to forget about the different things that supports it.  Looking at the future and your goals is a good thing, but when you lose sight of your next step and how to support yourself to reach your goal, you might fall down.

I look at this as rock climbing.  You need to make sure you clip on at every check point so that you would be able catch yourself if you fall.  Although your goal is to climb that rock face, it's good to take some time and clip yourself in just in case.

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