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Friday, June 8, 2012

Make it Fun

Today was another interesting day.  My friends came over and we hung out for a little bit.  Then, they introduced me to geocaching.  Geocaching was something that I have heard of, but I hadn't taken any steps towards that.  I guess it was designed to encourage others to go out and explore.  I thought that was pretty cool so we decided to find a couple geocaches.  We went to the nearby library and found one, then we found another not too far away... but there was an interstate between us and them.  I knew of a path that would lead under the interstate, but we couldn't get to it from where we were, so we tried to bushwhack through... but to of no avail.  We eventually had to go around and walk the long way to get to the caches and finally found two of them.  After finding the third one, we went to eat at Panera's and I had a wonderful meal...

We went back after that and altogether, we probably walked more than 4 miles.  It was definitely good for my legs and I feel that it helped make them a little stronger.  However, during that walk, we went through some poison ivy that made us regret trying to bushwhack.  I had to work hard to ignore that, so I went through the whole rest of the day resisting that temptation.

It's fun to go out and do things.  It's fun to go out and find things because it gives me something to do.  Running and working out can be sometimes a little too much to ask and it might get boring, but it encourages others to go and run more.  I think that it's important to have fun when you're working on that running because you don't want to learn to hate running.  You want to enjoy it as much as you can so you would do it again.  Find something that'll make your runs more enjoyable.  It's important to follow steps, but it's also important to enjoy life while you can.

Let's remember that the goal isn't something that is hard and instead, is something that is fun... a crazy fun lifestyle.   So listen to that iPod, find little tiny film containers, do something... and enjoy the steps you're taking.

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