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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Training Pace

Today was one of those days that you could probably crack an egg on the sidewalk and watch it cook.  It was the day I decided I needed to go for a long run.  Well... I thought I did, but after 59:02 and 6.23 miles (9:28 average) of going nice and slow, I decided that it would be wise of me to not remain outside, and so I went to the gym and went cycled for an hour, doing 14.5 miles on the stationary bike.  As I was cycling, I read a book called "Chi Running" which talked about running at it's most basic form.  I was convinced that the way I was training was good, and encouraged that I really needed to follow my knowledge.  My head told me that I was jumping in too much, but what I really wanted to do was run even more.  I knew my body couldn't handle running too much too fast, so I needed to take a break from that and go at my body's pace.

We all have a pace we train at, and our body is capable of handling up to a certain degree.  We need to make sure that the pace is correct.  Going too fast would mean injury while going too slow means not as good of a performance.  I needed to truly know my body and train according to that.  I know my body really well and could tell that I've been pushing it a little too much, and because of that, I wasn't sure where I needed to be.  However, reading this book encouraged me to continue training as I usually did, where my knowledge of my own body would shape the pace that I would go.

When you train, you train according to your level.  If your level is low and you train high, you'll end up getting hurt.  Also, if your level is high and you train low, you'll end up wasting your time because you are not at where you should be, challenging yourself just enough to grow, and not to get hurt.  I need to make sure that I train at a pace where I know my body can handle.

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